About us

For me, creation is about art, but I have no intereset in creating something that ends up in a dusty museum,I want my clothes to be worn.Creating Aart comes from assembeling lines and colours to create something unique.I get this “flash” that leads to the final picture. I reckon that clothing has to resonate with personality.”For me fashion is a expression of self” – Marc Jacobs. Drop the fear of expressing yourself trough fashon, wear what makes you feel good, wear coloured fabrics, dresses that make you feel elegant, skirts that make you feel feminine, wear clothes that make you exclusive.Coco Chanel once said: “To be ireplacable you must be different”.Break teh barriers of being elegant only at certain ocasions.You don’t have to feel that way just at certain events, you can feel this way everyday.Elegance is about the balance between simple and sofisticated.Simple leads to extravagant, thus be confindent in wearing anything you like even if you find it simple or casual. Besides my belief of creating art, I like to guide whatever I do by one principle:Quality.From selecting the textiles, colours, models that are going to create the final product to my costumers oppinion and feedback, they are all equally important.

Here we strive to give you clothing that enhances your beauty, so you can shine and feel special everyday.